About Us

Founded in 1983, Medical Education Resources began with a vision to transform healthcare through the continuing education of healthcare professionals. We are now widely recognized as a leading provider of high-quality, multi-disciplinary continuing education.

Why choose Medical Education Resources as your CME/CE partner?

  • As an accredited provider for physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and dietitians, we are able to meet all of your CME and CE certification needs.
  • The account managers at Medical Education Resources are experienced experts in accreditation and compliance. We stay up-to-date on ACCME, AMA, ACPE, ANCC, FDA, and OIG standards and policies and work closely with our partners to educate them on compliance requirements. This helps us ensure that the education we certify meets the highest standards.
  • We utilize technology and innovation to simplify and streamline the certification process for our partners.
  • Through a variety of strategic alliances, we are able to offer educational outcomes measurement, logistical services, and production services to our joint sponsors.

Mission Statement

Medical Education Resources (MER) seeks to provide high-quality, inter-professional, evidence-based CE that address the practice gaps and needs of both the individual clinician and the healthcare team. This includes physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and pharmacists working in a primary care clinic setting, as well as other select specialist healthcare teams. MER's activities satisfy all of the CE stakeholders and results in clinicians acquiring the skills and strategies to be better able to utilize new therapeutic options and the performance improvements needed to apply evidence-based guidelines and practice techniques required in a daily practice setting as both individual practitioners and members of a healthcare team.

MER will design and plan interprofessional continuing education (IPCE) activities that prepare the healthcare team and its members for improved care of patients. MER’s activities will incorporate and measure effectiveness in advancing the Core Competencies for Interprofessional Collaborative Practice:

  • Values/ethics for interprofessional practice
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Interprofessional communication
  • Teams and teamwork

MER will develop CE activities that promote specific changes to the practice of medicine by the clinician, identify and overcome barriers to change, and are implementable within an identified period of time.

MER will also seek to develop CE activities that result in improved knowledge, additional strategies, or enhanced behaviors that will change the practice of medicine by the healthcare team and its individual members in the following MER Target Areas:

  • Medical knowledge
  • Guideline awareness and consideration
  • Choice of screening and diagnostic tests/tools
  • Employment of evidence-based practice
  • Provision of patient-centered care
  • Treatments and prescribing practices
  • Patient communication and education strategies
  • Communication with other healthcare providers

Additionally, through our collaboration with other CE stakeholders, utilization of non-educational activities to enhance change, and integration of CE into the process for improving professional practice, we intend to make improvements in the quality of interprofessional team-based care in both the primary care setting and other select specialty fields of medicine.

Expected Results

If successful in meeting our CE Mission, our directly sponsored live conference series and jointly provided activities targeted to the primary care healthcare team and other select specialty healthcare teams will result in measurable changes in the skills and strategies as well as provide performance tools needed for collaborative practice. MER will measure and expect to see improvement in the effectiveness of the individual members of the healthcare team in integrating the educationally identified core competencies, and MER will also measure and expect to see improved knowledge, the incorporation of additional practice strategies, or the enhancement of behaviors in the MER Target Areas identified as crucial for MER’s educational mission and outlined in MER’s mission statement. Additionally, MER will expect to see identifiable, specific changes to the practice of medicine by individual clinicians, as well as specifically identified improved strategies or performance measures for the healthcare team.

MER expects and will measure for results that promote personal professional development by the healthcare provider, as well as the improvement in the ability to work together across the professions, with other healthcare workers, and with patients and families to improve healthcare outcomes.